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42. Can Everyone Receive The Colourful Emails I Send?

Be aware there are three types of email formatting:

1. Plain Text – Think typewriter. Courier typeface, one size no formatting beyond capital letters.
2. Rich Text – adds formatting to text: colour, size, fonts, lists, bullets and choice of fonts.
3. HTML – actually a single webpage. In addition to formatting it enables the use of pictures, background colour and columns.

If your recipient is on Office

95 - the software can only receive and open plain text.
97 can open the colourful emails in their Internet Browser (not directly in Outlook).
2000 + can receive both the Rich Text and HTML.

Can doesen't mean will

Remember though, some people personally choose to receive (and send) plain text only. Some in
large corporations or government departments are forced to by their default corporate settings.



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