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1. Which Should I Use Outlook Or Outlook Express?

Outlook or Outlook Express. That is the question.

If you only want to send and receive email, by all means use Outlook Express. No worries.
But if you have any desire to:

Then switch!

Outlook is bundled with your Microsoft Office purchase. If you have Word or Excel on your
computer, you already own Outlook. You’re simply not using it. Outlook Express is a free email
program bundled with Internet Explorer.

Outlook Express is often set up in place of Outlook because it is perceived to be the easier
option. Perhaps in 1995 that was the case. It is no longer so with today’s frantic pace, spam and
enhanced interactive Office features. It’s a crying shame, almost criminal actually not to use

If you ’re using Outlook Express now
Why not put bring this book to your computer now, pop open Outlook Express. Go to the File
menu and select Import and Export. The wizard will walk you through importing all your data
into Outlook.

Bonus: Here’s the Microsoft online tutorial page to explain in further detail.



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